Fungi and the Plastics Problem

From the site:  Radical Mycology

Fungi were the first colonizers of the planet. One billion years before the introduction of plants, fungi thrived on the land in vast mushroom forests. However, they have since evolved to fill countless niches in ecosystems around the world, becoming, in a way, the planets most adept stewards. Fungi are the strong and silent caretakers of the forest, channeling nutrients and water to plants with their dense networks of mycelium. They are the great disassemblers of matter, creating fresh soil for new growth from the tissue of fallen trees. Fungi promote the healthy succession of species through nutrient cycling and the thinning of diseased organisms that stops infections from spreading. Their robust immune systems produce powerful compounds that serve as medicine for humans and other animals. And their multi-dimensional symbioses with countless plants, animals, and microorganisms exemplify the interconnectedness of all life.

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Intensive 6 Day Permaculture Seminar & Workshop on the island of Kefalonia, 2015

27 April – 2 May, 2015

kefalonia 2015 1

The Permaculture Research Institute of Greece and Atsas Organic Products Cyprus present a 6 Day Intensive Permaculture Workshop on the beautiful island of Kefalonia, Greece.  Over 6 days you will aquire the practical skills to regenerate any landscape and how to design productive ecosystems.

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Intensive Beekeeping Seminar & Workshop

29-30 March, 2014


During these intensive 2 days you will focus on the analysis of changes that have affected beekeeping in Cyprus in the past 35 years and their impact, as well as how best to proceed with regards to sustainable beekeeping.  The course will cover the best frames and hives to use for bees, the use of drugs and their influence in honey quality, how to recover colonies and how best to manage them, how to deal with climate change and how to improve the quality of your honey.  Time will be spent both inside the classroom and outside inspecting the 10 hives already functioning at Atsas farm.

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Soil Biology Principles, Compost & Natural Fertilizers: 2 Day Intensive Workshop 21-22/09/13

This 2 day intensive workshop is designed to give you a genuine understanding of soil management, how to increase your top soil and improve production.  Participants will acquire the practical experience of how to grow, manage, and apply beneficial microbes as high value compost and compost tea.  The complex science of soil biology will be presented in an easily understood format so that farmers can embrace and achieve sustainability and profitability.

Making compost at Atsas Organic Farm

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